Summer Landscape Ideas

With warm temperatures and longer days, many homeowners are finding solace outdoors, and you want to keep your landscaping looking clean, inviting and attractive for relaxing after work or entertaining guests. Transform your outdoor space into an unforgettable and intriguing oasis by adding fresh, bright plantlife, warmth and texture throughout your space. With these summer landscaping ideas, you can keep your outdoors looking trendy and welcoming all summer.

Keep Your Outdoor Space Fresh: Trendy Summer Landscape Ideas

Whether you’re a gardening novice or a certified green thumb, you can revamp your outdoor space to a beautiful and unforgettable area with these five landscaping ideas:• Add Fresh and Vibrant Plantlife: Plant a va...

Summer Lawn Maintenance Tips

With scorching temperatures and nearly endless direct sunlight, many homeowners find it difficult to keep their lawns looking lush, healthy and green during the summer. Due to hot days and infrequent maintenance, your lawn can brown and weaken, allowing weeds and disease to take over. To keep your landscaping looking pristine, it’s important to start tending to your lawn early in the growing season to promote thick and healthy growth and prevent weeds, disease and pest intrusion. Keep your lawn looking fresh and green by following these summer lawn care tips.

Landscaping Maintenance Tips

Every home needs proper and regular attention, whether your landscaping is marked with luscious and bold plantlife or simple houseplants. To keep yo...


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