How to Choose the Best Dumpster Size

Whether you are a general contractor or any individual doing yard work, landscaping, renovations or any projects, you will eventually need a dumpster to haul away the mess. It’s very likely you will find yourself asking “What size dumpster do I need?” — especially if you’ve never had to rent before or are tackling an unusual project.


How to Choose the Best Dumpster Size

If you’re renting, these tips will help you identify the best dumpster size for your commercial and residential dumpster needs:

  • Check the size of the loading area first. Visualize where the dumpster will go and measure this area carefully. Most dumpsters are about eight feet wide with an 8-foot-wide door in the back. The dumpsters’ length will vary, depending on the size you get. Start by ensuring you can fit the dumpster you want.

  • Define your project before you rent. Have a solid plan in place, since doing “just one more thing” in your project can generate much more debris than you thought. If you’re cleaning out the garage, for example, consider whether you’re doing just the garage or also the attic.

  • Guesstimate how much you will have. If you’re renovating a room, consider how much you'll have in ripped-up drywall, flooring, ceiling and other debris. Trying to picture it broken up can give you a visual cue as to how much space you will need.

  • Err on the side of a larger dumpster. While it is more costly to get a larger size, it is even more expensive to have to pay a fee because you piled your debris over the top of a dumpster — or if you need a second container.

Dumpster Sizes and How Much They Hold

DB Container Service has several dumpster sizes and simple guidelines to ensure the right fit. Our options include:

  • 10-Yard Containers: This container is 4x8x12 feet and is ideal for a bathroom remodel, spring cleaning or small bathroom or garage cleanout. To visualize, this dumpster is about the size of a sedan, so if your project includes any larger appliances or pieces, you may want a larger size.

  • 15-Yard Containers: These containers are 3.5x7.25x16 feet and are the right fit for an interior remodel, kitchen remodel or larger garage or basement cleanout.

  • 20-Yard Containers: At 3.5x7.25x22 feet, these containers may be the right size for windows and roofing jobs, deck removal, siding jobs for small houses, basement renovations or two-car garage constructions. If you have bulky items such as furniture or appliances, this may be the right size for you.

  • 30-Yard Containers: These containers are our largest size, at 5.5x7.25x22 feet. These dumpsters are for commercial projects, construction debris, whole-house or multiple-room renovations, large shed work, deck demolition debris and more. With low walls, it is still relatively easy to get your debris into the dumpster.

Rent with DB Container Service today for honest, professional service. Contact us to request a quote on dumpster pricing or call us at 718-257-2300 to speak with a team member.



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