How to Fill a Dumpster

How to Fill a Dumpster


If you’re wondering how to fill your dumpster, you’re in luck. At DB Container Service, we’ve worked with containers and dumpsters and understand exactly how to make the job simpler and safer for everyone. We’ve put together these seven roll off dumpster loading tips for your next project.

1. Separate Anything That Can’t Go In

It is illegal to put hazardous materials into a dumpster, which means no medical waste, biohazard material, paint, batteries, chemicals, Freon, solvents, liquids, propane tanks, lead materials, dirt, asbestos, household garbage and similar materials. If you’re not sure, read the label or ask.

2. Prepare Everything Before the Dumpster Shows Up

If you’re still sorting or renovating when the dumpster shows up, it will take you much longer to pack the container, and you could end up running overtime, which will cost money. Break down larger items before the dumpster shows up and be ready to start loading. Have help on hand and keep pets and children out of the way to ensure everyone’s safety.

3. Place the Dumpster Correctly

Make sure there is clearance for the truck to drop off and pick up the dumpster. Place the container somewhere you can easily access it for loading without blocking your car or the neighbor's.

4. Develop an Action Plan

If time is of the essence, you're probably wondering how to efficiently load a dumpster. It all comes down to the order in which you load your materials. If you have cardboard, insulation and foam, as well as bulky items, place the flattened cardboard, insulation and foam on the bottom, then add in the bulky items after. The weight will flatten the softer materials, buying you more room while also reducing the risk of lighter objects flying from the dumpster when it’s in motion. Then, fit in any smaller items around the bulkier cargo.

5. Group and Place Carefully

Try stacking objects into the dumpster instead of throwing them in. This is easier to do if you keep similar items together. For example, if you have tile and flooring you can stack flat, pack it all together by neatly stacking it in the dumpster, where it will take up the least space. Then, fit in odd-shaped items around or on top of the more regularly-shaped construction debris.

6. Load in Layers From Bottom to Top

You are less likely to cause collapsing piles this way, and you will more evenly distribute the weight, making the cargo safer.

7. Avoid Overfilling

You cannot just throw everything into your dumpster and call it a day. If debris is overflowing or is protruding, you’re creating a hazard on the roads. You will also likely be charged an extra fee since the company will need to deal with the additional material to avoid causing a collision.

Choose DB Container Service for Your Dumpster Rental

We hope you’ve found these suggestions on properly filling a dumpster to be useful. Now that you feel more prepared for that big project, contact DB Container Service for a quote or call us at 718-257-2300 for dumpster rental services in NYC. We have all sizes of containers, as well as honest, professional service.



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